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Congres experience ’20
Imke van Brink participated in the fourth Medicine in Extremes conference on the 31st of January 2020. She shares her experiences in this post! In deze beschrijving deelt ze haar ervaringen!
March 26 2020 : Marijn Sinkeldam
Magnificent Desolation
Stijn Thoolen has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) to conduct research at Concordia, Antarctica from November 2019 up to and including the beginning of 2021. In the months leading up to, and during, this adventure, we will occasionally receive an update from Stijn about his findings on this small, isolated part of the world. Today the fourth piece, where he writes about his summer (and his summer vibes) in Concordia.
March 14 2020 : Marijn Sinkeldam
Courses postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak
Courses postponed: Outdoor Medicine fully supports and sympathizes with all healthcare workers working at the front line of the current COVID-19 outbreak all over the world.
March 13 2020 : Marijn Sinkeldam
5000 nautical miles on an old wooden boat
Maran Fazzi went on an expedition. From Tunisia to the Americas on a 20-meter-long replica of a 600 b.C. wooden Phoenician sailing vessel. The goal of the journey was to prove that the Phoenicians could have crossed the Atlantic Ocean, 2000 years before Columbus did. Found out whether it succeeded!
March 7 2020 : Marijn Sinkeldam
Sweat Science inspired by Medicine in Extremes 2020
Alex Hutchinson (Sweat Science) was one of the key speakers at our congress Medicine in Extremes: Sport edition. As an author was inspired by the talks of our other speakers, Christoph Siebenmann, Jessie Gehner and Erika Schagatay to write a articles in the Outside Magazine.
March 1 2020 : Marijn Sinkeldam