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Mountain Medicine '17
2017-08-27 to 2017-09-02

The course will be held in Dutch, please mail us for more information on providing this course in English in the future (

The Mountain Medicine course is an active week aimed at providing acute care in alpine emergencies. The course consists of an evening program with lectures on the (patho)fysiology of altitude ilness, acute internal medicine, traumatology, hypothermia and frostbite, helicopter rescue, expedition planning and much more.

The practical part of the course will consist of workshops on acute assesment and stabilisation, cravasse rescue, fracture splinting, patient transport, meteorology and niviagtion and will be taught hands-on on the mountai slopes. During the day we will also be sumitting several peaks of the Silvretta massive where practical skills such as crampon use, rope handling and safe transport over snow, rock and ice will be praticed under guidance of UIAGM Mountain Guide.

An impression of the course in 2014:

Aimed at

The Mountain Medicine Course is aimed at all (para)medics working in all fields of medicine with an affinity for outdoor sports who want to be well prepared for their next mountain trip or for those who want to prepared as an expedition medic. The course is accessible for participants of all skill levels, we strive to form groups with comparable experience.  


The Mountain Medicine course is made possible   by a cooperation between Outdoor Medicine and teh Royal Dutch Mountaineering Society (NKBV).