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Dive & Marine Life Support '22 - yachting edition
2022-05-21 to 2022-05-28

The Dive & Marine Life Support Course (DMLS) will introduce you to essential elements of
dive, marine, emergency and wilderness medicine and sea survival. You will learn to prevent
and recognize acute and life-threatening conditions related to offshore sailing and several
water sports, as well as initiate first treatment of these conditions.
We will sail along the Croatian coast, starting and finishing in Sukošan (Zadar), the yachts
will be our home base during the complete course. As part of the course, you will be
working onboard and helping with sailing as well.
The main content of the course consists of practical training on and around the water.
Experts will give lectures about e.g., how to provide medical care onboard a sea faring ship,
trauma and injuries at sea, travel medicine, the (patho) physiology of diving, drowning,
hypothermia, treatment of stings and bites by sea animals, search and rescue during
emergencies in the water and maritime communication.
DMLS is designed for medics, nurses and paramedics, working in all specialisms, who have
affinity for with sailing, water sports and/ or diving. This course is also perfect for ship’s
physicians! We will dive several times during the course – however, if you are unable to dive,
we will offer you plenty of alternative activities to choose from aboard or in the water.
The aim of the Dive & Marine Life Support course is to provide you, medical expert and
water sports lover, with practical and potentially lifesaving knowledge and skills to use in
and around the water.