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Outdoor Medicine is a non-profit organisation fully named The Dutch Expedition & Wilderness Medical Society. Its members work in different hospitals all over The Netherlands and abroad.


Outdoor Medicine aims to promote (international) cooperation between (para)medics with an interest in the area of expedition medicine, wilderness medicine or practicing medicine in extreme environments. Additionally, we aim to increase, stimulate, share and spread the knowledge in this area of practice and to stimulate ‘best medical practices’.


We reach our aims by organising workshops, lectures, courses, conferences, travels and other activities on the subject of expedition and wilderness medicine. We deliver medical know-how to expeditions, adventurous travels, extreme sports or voluntary work during preparation, on site and by telemedicine.

The Board

Maybritt Kuypers

Maybritt is an Emergency Medicine Physician and Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. She is the president of Outdoor Medicine and ALWS course director and instructor. She feels at home everywhere on planet Earth; has experience working in the tropics, polar areas, on the mountains and in the sea. However, her biggest passion is human spaceflight. She is currently Flight Surgeon for the European Space Agency (ESA) and Chief Medical Officer for XCOR Space Expeditions.

Michiel van Veelen

Michiel curerently works as a HEMS & Aeromedical Retrieval Physician for Okavango Air Rescue in Maun, Botswana. Before that he worked the last couple of years as a lecturer in Emergency Medicine in Gaborone, Botswana. After several projects in Africa and an overland expedition from his hometown Rotterdam to Cape Town (, after which he got involved with the residency programme in Botswana. He is a fellow candidate at the Academy of Wilderness Medicine and holds a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and candidate Diploma in Mountain Medicine.  He is active for Outdoor Medicine as both AWLS, AWM and Mountain Medicine course director and instructor.

Michiel loves kite surfing, ski touring, alpine climbing and mountain biking. He also loves scuba diving at remote locations of the Indian Ocean, African great lakes, Red Sea, Australia and the Mediterranean.

Anne Brants

Anne started to combine her passion for travelling with her education during medical school. She started her fellowship in Wilderness Medicine in 2010,  after completing the British course Expedition Medicine. Anne travelled to Colorado to complete the AWLS course, which marked the beginning of completing many courses abroad. Now she combines working as an emergency physician with partaking in expeditions. She worked as an expedition doctor in Arctic Norway, at Kilimanjaro, Antarctica, the Empty Quarter in Oman and Everest Basecamp. Anne played a major role in the initial medical response at Mount Everest after the earthquake in Nepal in 2015. Her mission is to educate young doctors and making sure that they are aware and prepared when going on expedition..

Joost ten Brinke

Joost works as a Trauma Surgeon with previous working experience as a Tropical Medicine resident, at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. He is a Fellow candidate at the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, Utah and AWLS instructor. In 2011 he participated in the British Expedition Medicine Course.

In his time off Joost enjoys climbing in the Alps, has been on top of Mount Kilimanjaro, has been ice skating on the great lakes of Norway and is an enthusiastic beekeeper, caring for many hives

Wouter Jetten

Wouter is an Emergency Medicine Physician. Wouter has experience as a ship’s physician in the arctic region for Greenpeace and was expedition doctor on Mount Kilimanjaro. He also worked in the Caribbean and the Extreme North province of Cameroon in a rural hospital. Wouter is DMLS & AWLS course director and instructor. He lives on a sailing boat with which he can be found on the water regularly. Wouter has special interest in mountain & marine medicine.


Remco Berendsen

Remco works as an anaesthesiologist at Leiden University Medical Centre, focusing on (paediatric) cardiothoracic anaesthesia. As an anaesthesiologist he researches the effects of hypoxia on the human body. He holds an international diploma in mountain medicine. He is AWLS instructor and course director of both the wilderness First Aid Mountain and the Mountain Medicine course. He is co-founder of Maatschap Hoogtegeneeskunde Nederland and has been a member of the medical committee of the Dutch Climbing and Mountain Sports Association for many years. His interest therefore lies in the field of mountain medicine and in particular the effects of high mountains on physiological changes and the pathology involved. His current line of research has the theme: “How to empower the Altitude traveller?

The Team

Mark Frederikse

Mark is a military emergency physician. He has worked in Emergency Departments in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Australia, but also as Ship Physician on large American cruise ships.
Since he started scuba diving in 1991 it has been one of his passions. He completed Scuba Instructor training in 2012. Diving and traveling the world are his hobbies, and pre-hospital emergency medicine is his niche.

Marieke van Vessem

Marieke works as PhD candidate Cardiothoracic surgery and Cardiology and as ANIOS Sports Medicine. She is a member of the medical committee of the Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Association (NKBV) and the UIAA. Marieke is AWLS qualified and has completed the Diploma in Mountain Medicine in England.  She extended her diploma with a master in Clinical Science in Mountain Medicine with her research on the long term effects of High Altitude Cerebral Edema. She is co-responsible for the content of the website and the social media and is instructor on the Mountain Medicine course.

Lottie van Baal

Lottie is a resident in anesthesiology, with a passion for emergency medicine and humanitarian aid. She completed the Netherlands Course on Global Health and Tropical Medicine (NTC), and has clinical experience in Surinam, Tanzania and took part in multiple projects in refugee camps. She has always been attracted to remote areas, bringing as little as possible with her in her bag, kayak or on her bike. Since Lottie started mountaineering in 2005, she spends both her summers and winters in the mountains. She has a diploma in Mountain Medicine and is an AWLS instructor since 2018.

Annemarie Wuister

Annemarie is a general practitioner in training in Rotterdam. She has worked as an intern in
India and Peru and loves to travel. Annemarie has worked in several refugee camps and is a
ships doctor on the North and South Pole. She lives in The Hague, in order to have enough
time for her favorite hobby; kitesurfing. Besides that, she is also a catamaran instructor and
gives first aid training at the sailing school. When on a holiday, she likes to do overnight

Jacob van Dijk

Jacob studied medicine in Nijmegen. After his studies he joined the Royal Netherlands Airforce to fly the F-16. At the moment he is working in Canada as exchange pilot, flying the F-18. In the outdoors he can often be found above or under sealevel, either in the mountains or in the water. Jacob is AWLS instructor and is working to become medical examiner of divers and will do the DiMM in Nepal. It is his dream to fully come back to medicine in the future, most likely working in anesthesia and expedition medicine.

Pieter Simons

Pieter is currently completing his last year as medical student in Groningen and just finished his master thesis in the ICU on shock. He is an outdoor enthusiast, loves to kitesurf, enter rapids with a kayak and snowboard in the Alps. He is planning to deepen his knowledge on expedition- and wilderness medicine and goes to Mexico to assist an expedition medic on the Usumacinta-river in the coming months. Pieter is co-responsible for the content of the website and the social media of Outdoor Medicine.

Marijn Sinkeldam

Marijn is currently working as an ANIOS (resident) in the Emergency Room in Bernhoven Hospital, Uden. He did his last internships in Berekum, Ghana and he spent half a year travelling through South America after finishing his bachelors’ degree to learn Spanish and to do much hiking. In his leisure time, he’s really into sports. He played handball for a long time, and now he is focussing on long-distance-trail-running. In 2020 he hopes to take part in the UTMB (Ultra-Tour du Mont-Blanc). He aims to combine a future medical profession (sports medicine) with expedition medicine. Marijn is co-responsible for the content of the website and the social media of Outdoor Medicine, the conference: Medicine in Extremes and the Student Outdoor Medicine weekend.

Isla Wormald

Dr Isla Madeleine Wormald. BSc MBChB (Leeds) DiMM (UIAA/ IKAR/ ISMM) MRCEM was born & raised in Yorkshire, England & has reportedly been summiting peaks since she was in utero, although not without protest in her early teenage years… Subsequently, a passion for outdoor pursuits evolved! She did research in Chamonix Hospital, France and was a doctor for Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association; British Schools Exploring Society (BSES) on several expeditions, for Leeds Metropolitan University Himalayan Research Expedition 2011; on Kilimanjaro and for Medex Manaslu 2015. Isla is now a locum Specialist Registrar in Emergency Medicine. She helped deliver the first UIAA/ ICAR/ ISMM Nepal DiMM & has since become an AWLS instructor & a faculty member of both Outdoor Medicine & World Extreme Medicine. She is an aspirant FAWM, MTA Summer & Winter Mountain Leader & BAIML International Mountain Leader. Her ambition is to one day climb a previously unclimbed peak!

Maran Fazzi

Maran is doing a residency global health and tropical medicine, in the context of which she is
currently working in the surgical department in ZGT hospital in the Netherlands. She has experience
as a junior doctor in ICU, gastro-enterology and pediatrics. During her medical
studies she went abroad for clerkships in Thailand and Uganda. Her love for (wild) animals and
nature started at a young age, but was reignited when she worked as a travel guide in Slovenia and
went along on all kinds of outdoor sports activities. She enjoys bootcamp, wind- and wavesurfing and
occasionally cruises the skies beneath a paraglider. During her rotation in military medicine, she
came to know about Outdoor Medicine and participated in the AWLS course. Since then she is
helping with the AWLS course. In 2019-2020 she went along as a medical doctor on an expedition on
board of a replica of a 600 b.C. Phoenician sailing boat, on which she crossed the Atlantic ocean.


Andre Kuipers

We are extremely proud that Andre Kuipers is ambassador of Outdoor Medicine. Besides being a two time astronaut, he is also the most famous Dutch physician to practice in ‘extremes’. Therefore he is great inspiration to us all!