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Jungle Medicine
Een intensieve cursus waarbij we veel aspecten van (over)leven en medische handelen in het tropisch regenwoud ontdekken.
Mountain Medicine
Mountain Medicine Course: An active week in the Alps filled with alpinism, workshops and keynotes on all aspects of Mountain Medicine
Student Outdoor Medicine
A 2-day intensive training for (para)medical students with interest in Outdoor Sports, Wilderness-, Remote-, and Expedition Medicine.
Wilderness First Aid
This is the recognized industry standard course for non-medics employed as backcountry trip leaders, mountain leaders, river guides, and ski patrollers.
Wilderness Medicine
Wilderness medicine is een unieke cursus die volledig in de buitenlucht gegeven wordt inclusief bivak overnachting en is gericht op alle medisch professionals met interesse voor wildernis geneeskunde, buitensporten en natuur
Advanced Wilderness Life Support
Advanced Wilderness Life Support: The international golden standard in Wilderness & Expedition Medicine training. More information and course data behind the link.
African Wilderness Medicine
A weeklong CME adventure in Africa covering hyperthermia, infectious diseases snake bites amongst others. Outdoor activities under professional guidance included.
Dive & Marine Life Support
The Dive & Marine Life Support course (DMLS) introduces you to essential elements of dive medicine, marine medicine, emergency medicine and wilderness medicine.
Expedition Medicine
Expedition Medicine in practice. Practice what you learn in remote areas during a demanding expedition.
Tactical Combat Casualty Care is de hoeksteen van medisch zorg onder omstandigheden van verhoogde dreiging. In samenwerking met Triangular Group Academy geeft Outdoor Medicine onderwijs rondom dit principe.