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Advanced Wilderness Life Support: The international golden standard in Wilderness & Expedition Medicine training. More information and course data behind the link.
Expedition Medicine
Expedition Medicine in practice. Practice what you learn in remote areas during a demanding expedition.
Mountain Medicine
Mountain Medicine Course: An active week filled with alpinism, workshops and keynotes on all aspects of Mountain Medicine
WFA | WFR First Aid
The recognized industry standard for those who work as backcountry trip leaders, mountain leaders, river guides, and ski patrollers.
African Wild Med
A weeklong CME adventure in Africa covering hyperthermia, infectious diseases snake bites amongst others. Outdoor activities under professional guidance included.
The Dive & Marine Life Support course (DMLS) introduces you to essential elements of dive medicine, marine medicine, emergency medicine and wilderness medicine.
Student Outdoor Medicine Weekend
A 2-day intensive training for (para)medical students with interest in Outdoor Sports, Wilderness-, Remote-, and Expedition Medicine.