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Altitude-related disorders
With the background information of the previous article taken into account, now the 3 best known altitude-related disorders will be discussed. It is important to realize that this concerns a range of disorders, which can occur either individually or at the same time, and can also shade off into one another. Acute Mountain Sickness; AMS […]
April 14 2019 : Sofie van der Plaat
High Altitude Physiology
In November 2018, I hiked the Everest circuit in Solokhumbu (Nepal himalayas), a journey of 175 km in which I crossed three of the highest passes in the world. It was an adventure of a lifetime and one I will never forget because of the endless views and physical challenges, but I also felt how […]
March 23 2019 : Sofie van der Plaat
WFAM’18- Experience
At the end of December, everything slows down and the world kind of comes to a halt. It’s a good moment not to relax, but to deal with all matters that really need to be done. Like required additional training in first aid for extending the NKBV-license and for expanding the knowledge in this field. […]
Head injury in remote areas (part II)
Last week, we ran over the evaluation of severy head injury, briefly summarized in the figure below (MARCH). Nonetheless, there’s still some work to be done when the need for a CT-scan, and therefore rapid evacuation, is ruled out. Evaluation of non-severe head injury Several concussion tools are available, like the SCAT5. However, at present, […]
Head injury in remote areas
Imagine: With eight climbers you’re three quarters on your way climbing the Dufourspitze (4,634m) in the Swiss Alps. Suddenly, a 47-year-old friend of yours slips on polished granite, flipping him upside-down and into freefall. Three meters down the back of his helmet slams into solid rock. You’re more than half a day hiking away from […]
SWMUK – On a ‘expedition’ to Wales
Last-minute, Marijn Sinkeldam persuaded me to buy a ticket. On a Friday in October, the two of us leave Nijmegen to go to Wales. It is the place where the yearly UK student conference for Wilderness Medicine will take place: SWMUK18. After a flight from the warm and sunny Netherlands (25°C) to rainy Liverpool, it […]
October 27 2018 : Marijn Sinkeldam
WEM Live! Discussing each month various journal articles in the field of Wilderness & Environmental Medicine. Everyday Emergency Podcast. A podcast by Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) bringing you true stories from people on the frontline of humanitarian emergencies across the world. Highly recommended! BMJ talk medicine: On the Edge. Interview with Dr Russell […]
New course: WFAM
The Wilderness First Aid Mountain (WFAM) is a unique course in addition to the Wilderness First Aid (WFA). The WFAM is aimed at the professional and enthusiast who undertakes and/or guides hikes and expeditions to areas above 4000 meters where medical assistance is not immediately available. The 2-day course consists of a day of home study (e-learning) […]
MM ’18 – Experience
When, 6 months ago, I learned about the Mountain Medicine course, a full week high up in the Austrian Alps combining mountaineering and alpine medical skills, I registered immediately full of self-confidence. Being a young doctor who loves the outdoors, acute medicine and acting outside my comfort zone, this course was meant for me! The […]
September 16 2018 : Marijn Sinkeldam
Unique job opportunity in Botswana!
Okavango Air Rescue Okavango Air Rescue (OAR) is a privately owned aeromedical rescue organisation bringing service delivery to the government health sector as well as private individuals. It is based in Maun, Northern Botswana Botswana is a large and sparsely populated middle-income country in Southern Africa with high-level care (e.g. ICU/NICU and Neurosurgery) available at […]