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Oxygen concentrators for Kunde Hospital

The International Porter Protection Group (IPPG) runs two medical high altitude rescue posts and porter shelters in the Khumbu Region of Nepal. Matt Wilkes and Ellie Heath volunteered as doctors at the rescue posts this season. Many of their local patients were referred to Kunde Hospital. This hospital, founded by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1966, has been run almost single-handedly by Dr Kami Sherpa for many years. Kunde’s altitude (3840 m) and the high proportion of obstetric and altitude illness cases make a reliable oxygen supply essential. Dr Kami has identified portable oxygen concentrators as a key area of need. Therefore, Matt and Ellie are fundraising on behalf of IPPG to buy two lightweight, portable oxygen concentrators for Kunde Hospital.

Go to their fundraiser page for more information and to support this great project.

Pictures are made by Matt Wilkes.