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Research at minus 50 degrees Celsius

One of our AWLS instructors, Floris van den Berg, is not only a GP but also an experienced expedition doctor. He has worked on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), on the  shores of Tonlé Sap lake (Cambodia), in the wilderness of the jungle of Belize and in the freezing cold of the Arctic. This year we will have to miss Floris during our AWLS courses, because he started a new adventure in November 2015. He is working as a research doctor for the European Space Agency (ESA) at Concordia Station on Antarctica, where he is conducting research on the psychological and physiological effects of chronic hypoxia, hypobaric pressure and isolation. VICE / Motherboard has published an interview with Floris this week.

We can follow all the upcoming adventures of Floris on his blog until he is back to share his stories with us in person.