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Sweat Science inspired by Medicine in Extremes 2020

Alex Hutchinson (Sweat Science) was one of the key speakers at our congress Medicine in Extremes: Sport edition. As an author was inspired by the talks of our other speakers, Christoph Siebenmann, Jessie Gehner and Erika Schagatay to write a articles in the Outside Magazine.

The Skeptic’s Take on Altitude Training (20-02-2020): Pretty much every elite endurance athlete trains in mountain air or the altitude-tent equivalent. But a few scientists think they’re wasting their time and money.

How to Stay Healthy on the Appalachian Trail (25-02-2020): A wilderness medicine expert and former AT thru-hiker shares her tips for tackling a long-distance backpacking trip.

The Hidden Link Between Freediving and Mountaineering (27-02-2020): Humans were born to dive, according to some scientists, and that fact helps us thrive at high altitudes