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The next step: European Space Agency Flight Surgeon

Recently, Maybritt Kuypers, one of the founders of Outdoor Medicine, ¬†started a new job as \”European Space Agency Flight Surgeon\” in other words: Medical Doctor for the European Astronauts at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany.

We asked her to give us a general idea of what this job entails: “Before the spaceflight, the flight surgeon has to ensure an astronaut is healthy enough to fly in space through detailed medical examinations. Further they are responsible for the medical training of the astronauts. During a space mission which can last up to 6 months the crew health is monitored and protected continuously and there is regular communication with the crew. The flight surgeon provides medical support at landing and return. Together with the medical team, they oversee the entire post-flight process. This includes assessment of physical and mental wellbeing, science testing and comprehensive rehabilitation to return the astronaut to the same level of health he or she had before spaceflight.”¬Ě

Stay tuned for more interesting updates from Maybritt in the future.