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Unique job opportunity in Botswana!

Okavango Air Rescue

Okavango Air Rescue (OAR) is a privately owned aeromedical rescue organisation bringing service delivery to the government health sector as well as private individuals. It is based in Maun, Northern Botswana

Botswana is a large and sparsely populated middle-income country in Southern Africa with high-level care (e.g. ICU/NICU and Neurosurgery) available at only two sites therefore depending on aeromedical transport.

Maun Medical Centre (MMC), the clinic affiliated with OAR delivers first line health care, radiology (US+X-RAY), a one-bed emergency room, a procedure room as well as a three-bed holding facility and it has access to modern laboratory facilities.

OAR/MMC’s services consist of:

  • Inter-hospital critical care transport utilizing a pressurized fixed wing aeroplane
  • Pre-hospital medical care and medevac services by medical helicopter
  • A clinic with an emergency holding facility as well as first line/GP healthcare delivery

We are looking for a qualified Emergency Physician

Job description

As an Emergency Physician you will be working in aeromedical retrieval in the fixed wing aeroplane as well as the helicopter. Patients transported vary from traumatology, medical conditions, obstetrics/gynaecology as well as paediatrics including premature neonates.

Furthermore you will be providing first line healthcare in the clinic during office hours when not out on duty. In the clinic you are expected to diagnose and manage a broad spectrum of medical conditions taking into consideration that closest specialist referral options start 500-1000km away.


As an Emergency Physician for OAR you are able to function at a high level of independence, are able to cope with unexpected situations and to be a strong team member. Furthermore, you are able to deal with irregular working times and communicate effectively with doctors from different specialties and cultural backgrounds.

Your skills include:

  • 2 years post residency training
  • Critical care transport including airway, ventilation and circulatory management
  • Aeromedical Evacuation & Transport course is desirable
  • International working experience in a resource limited environment is desirable
  • Affinity with tropical and/or wilderness medicine is desirable
  • Point of care ultrasound skills are desirable


We are looking for a minimum two-year full time commitment for a locally competitive salary starting first of January ’19, a chance to live in and explore one of the most remote and wild areas of Africa and gain unique working experience with exposure to a wide variety of conditions.

For more information contact Michiel van Veelen, Emergency Physician KNMG currently on the job at

Please send your CV and a motivational letter before the 30th of September to