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Wilderness Medicine, Paul S. Auerbach

Wilderness Medicine The standard work on Expedition and Wilderness Medicine by Dr. Auerbach, founder of the  Wilderness Medical Society. A comprehensive textbook which includes all possible illnesses and traumas in the wild. Well written and extensively illustrated with full color images. Your book collection is not complete without this textbook!

The book can be ordered in the US here and in the UK here 

Advanced Wilderness Life Support Manual, Richard Ingebretsen

Advanced Wilderness Life Support Manual is the textbook which details the AWLS method step by step. It features practical directions for prevention, diagnostics, treatment and evacuation in medical emergencies in a resource limited setting. Additionally, subjects such as dive medicine, altitude medicine, hypo- and hyperthermia, bites and sting and many others are discussed. The contents of this book are used as a guide for the theoretical part of our AWLS course en will be sent to every participant prior to the course.

Oxford Handbook of Expedition And Wilderness Medicine, Chris Johnson et al.

This pocket-sized book will always fit in your backpack or medical kit and contains all you need to know to minimise health risks, to protect your health and to deal with unexpected medical problems while you are travelling in remote, wilderness areas of the world.

Availabe here in the US, or here in the UK