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Dive & Marine Life Support
2017-09-23 to 2017-09-30

The Dive & Marine Life Support course (DMLS) introduces you to essential elements of dive medicine, marine medicine, emergency medicine and wilderness medicine. You will learn to prevent and recognize acute and life-threatening conditions related to several water sports, as well as to initiate first treatment of these conditions. Main content of the course consists of practical trainings in and around Bonaire’s shores and seas. Experts will give lectures about e.g. the (patho)physiology of diving; drowning; hypothermia; treatment of stings and bites by sea animals; traumas and injuries at sea; search and rescue during emergencies in the water and maritime communication.

DMLS is designed for medics and paramedics, working in all specialisms, who have affinity with water sports and/or diving. Diving is an integral part of the course. If you are unable to dive (i.e. due to medical reasons) it is possible to do snorkeling instead of diving. In addition to the diving  we will go sailing for a day and visit the hyperbaric chamber of Bonaire.

The aim of the Dive & Marine Life Support course is to provide you as medical expert and water sports lover with practical and potentially life-saving knowledge and skills to use in and around water.