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AWLS - Soest April '18
2018-04-22 to 2018-04-24

AWLS  certification  is  appropriate  for  any  licensed  medical  professional or  medical  professional in training  who  has  an interest in  wilderness  activities.  Our  graduates  include  outdoor  enthusiasts,  expedition  participants, military  medical  personnel,  wilderness  medicine  academicians, and  Wilderness  Medical  Society  Fellowship  candidates. Prior  participants  were  GP’s,  Emergency  Physicans,  Surgeons,  Anesthesiologists, Military  Physicians  and  many  others.

The  mission  of  AWLS  is to  create  competence  in  medical  professionals,  enabling  them  to  prevent  and  effectively  manage  emergency  medical  situations  outside  traditional  medical  facilities.

The  Advanced  Wilderness  Life  Support  certification  course  was  originally  developed  at the  University  of  Utah  School of  Medicine  and  has  grown  significantly  since  its  creation  in 1997. The  increasing  demand  for  certification  resulted  in the spread of  course  providers to  Africa,  South  America, New  Zealand  and The  Netherlands.

For  more information on the  course  itself  check,  registration  for  the  course  in The  Netherlands  is to be  done  on  our  website.

There  are 28  available  spaces  for  this  course.