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Medical doctor for the astronaut

The space race seems to be back up and running again. Two weeks ago India was the fourth country to land on the moon and yesterday Japan launched a rocket hoping to become the fifth. Currently still unmanned, but that will soon change. In addition, the first tourists already booked a ticket for a trip around the moon as well, so it is only a matter of time before the number of people in space will increase.
Life in space has a major effect on health and has been described previously. Outdoor Medicine board member Maybritt Kuypers works as an astronaut doctor and counsels astronauts one-on-one. RTL news recently published an article about her work and shows the career path Maybritt chose.
Perhaps time for a career switch, given the increase in the amount of space travellers and with that the need for medical professionals in space travel?

Maybritt Kuypers helps after the touch down of astronaut Alexander Gerst in Kazachstan, 2018 (©ESA)