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Outdoor Medicine and Siilo joined forces

The niche of expedition medicine in the Netherlands is becoming a bit larger than a niche. The number of successful trainees at Outdoor Medicine is increasing every year, which leads to more doctors who accompany groups of adventurers. But where can you go with a quick question if you want to double-check something? Where can you find a colleague who is knowledgeable about the subject? It is hard to find that colleague in the hospital you are working in. Thus, as with almost all healthcare in the Netherlands, there is a need for centralization within the expedition medicine as well.

Mieke Luten, general practitioner and AWLS instructor at Outdoor Medicine, has set up a collaboration between Outdoor Medicine and Siilo. This is a secure and accessible communication medium for healthcare workers to share patient-sensitive information. This started after Mieke ran a project in the jungle of Panama. She was able to discuss medical cases with colleagues in the Netherlands through this app in a secure manner. Siilo is facilitating her and her company as a doctor during the Migration Gravel Race in Kenya (where she will lead the medical team). Thereafter she will participate as a participant herself in the 850km Evolution Gravel Race in Tanzania. Both will take place in June 2022, so we are looking forward to this extraordinary adventure!

Thanks to this collaboration, Outdoor Medicine and Siilo have found each other and joined forces. Siilo’s app provides a central platform where medics can consult each other in an accessible way about everything related to expedition and wilderness medicine. Within the platform various topics are grouped in an orderly fashion. Outdoor Medicine has experts who will join the discussions, but the platform is also for people to discuss subjects between each other. This can be about preparations for a project or about what to do with certain conditions during an expedition. Also, (sensitive) images can be safely shared so that appropriate advice can be given. Note: this is nót an emergency service. In case of acute situations, you should always use local assistance or your own expertise.

Would you like to join this unique group? Scan the QR code or click on this link. And then we will speak to each other soon!