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Webinar LUMC: “the hurdles of an elite athlete”

On 15 April 2021, a webinar will be organised by the department of anesthesiology of the LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center) with the theme of top sport. The title is “The Hurdles of an elite Athlete”.

The ambition to win can turn an elite athlete and its supportive crew into a kind of Icarus. The famous story of Icarus from Greek Mythology articulates the result of hubris and over ambitiousness. Gerard Rietjens will give us a behind-the-scenes look at a pro tour cycling team. Hein Daanen will provide an overview of what it takes to perform in heat concerning the 2021 summer Games in Tokyo. Finally, Bengt Kayser will take us into the “spirit of sport” in which, among other things, tuning and doping are treated with the ultimate question; Where’s the line?

The evening chairman is Remco Rerendsen.
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Gerard Rietjens

Gerard Rietjens studied Movement Sciences at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Maastricht University and took a second Master’s degree at Otaga University, Dunedin, New Zealand. His PhD was about the preparation of Olympic endurance athletes in preparation of the Olympic Games of Sydney 2000.

After completing his PhD research in 2002, he started working for the Dutch Olympic Committee and was a member of the Dutch Olympic team (medical staff) during 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympics and also became a staff member of the professional TVM skating team in 2003. He currently works as an exercise physiologist and embedded scientist for both the military and the JumboVisma Pro-Tour road cycling team. As a team member of the performance staff, he is responsible for carrying out the exercise tests in the field and the lab, and for optimising the aerodynamics of the bike and the rider. He is also responsible for translating scientific research into applicability in the field.

Hein Daanen

Hein Daanen is Professor of Exercise Physiology at the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences of the VU University Amsterdam, specialising in Thermophysiology. He worked at TNO for 26 years, mainly in the defence field; currently athletes and vulnerable people are the main research groups. He is also course director of the Master’s in Movement Sciences and director of SizingScience, a company specialising in sizing products.

Bengt Kayser

Bengt Kayser studied medicine (MD) at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and then engaged in an academic career in the field of exercise physiology with a special interest in hypoxia. After obtaining his first PhD in exercise physiology at the Free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, he worked at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, before joining the University of Geneva in Switzerland. After preparing the merger of the Lausanne and Geneva institutes of sport and movement sciences he is since 2013 at the University of Lausanne where he directs the Institute of Sport Sciences.

His research interests concern the factors limiting endurance exercise performance, altitude medicine and physiology, respiratory mechanics and gas exchange during exercise, and the relationship between physical activity, energy balance and (public) health in different settings. He also has a keen interest in the ethics of doping and anti-doping, human enhancement, and substance use in general. He has published extensively in this field contributing a critical voice to the anti-doping debate, putting current anti-doping policy in a wider societal perspective beyond elite sport only. In May 2018 he defended a second PhD thesis on this topic at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium.

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