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Honey in the Wilderness
Imagine this; you are on a fantastic multi-day hike in a remote area and you have prepared yourself for an entirely self-sufficient trip. A compass, a water filter, a few bags of dry food: let the adventure begin! After a few hundred beautiful pictures and three days of hiking, fatigue creeps in. You trip over […]
September 11 2022 : Tim van Riessen
Passion & Career – Ship’s doctor at Svalbard
In this series on passion and career, we share articles about people who combine their medical work with their passion outside of medicine. In the article below you can read the story of Rogier Steins.
July 24 2022 : Marieke van Vessem
Passion & Career
In this new series on passion and career, we are sharing articles about people who find a combination in their work with their passion outside of medicine. In the article below you can read about our own team member and Mountain Medicine instructor; Marieke van Vessem. She is training to become a sports medicine physician […]
July 2 2022 : Anne-Mieke Theunissen
A Mind-Bending Record
During a cycle training in the Bollenstreek for a 70.3, we took a quick coffee break at a polish café called uGorala. Against the wall of this café were eight superbikes: aero bars, aerodynamic sports bottles, and names on the frames. The owners were the pacers for the Sub7 record and their top athlete Ironman […]
June 18 2022 : Pieter Simons
Outdoor Medicine and Siilo joined forces
The niche of expedition medicine in the Netherlands is becoming a bit larger than a niche. The number of successful trainees at Outdoor Medicine is increasing every year, which leads to more doctors who accompany groups of adventurers. But where can you go with a quick question if you want to double-check something? Where can […]
May 31 2022 : Tim van Riessen