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Lightning injuries
A brief review regarding lightning injuries!
July 23 2019 : Marijn Sinkeldam
Four Days Marches Nijmegen: walking in the heat
This year the 102nd Four Days Marches take place from 17 to 20 July in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.1 With 48.000 people participating, this is the largest multiple-day walking event in the world and participants walk 30, 40 or 50 kilometers each day, depending on age and gender. The start is at 4:00 AM and everyone […]
July 20 2018 : Marijn Sinkeldam
In 2015, drowning accounted for at least 360.000 deaths worldwide. It is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, accounting for 7% of all injury-related deaths. Most of the incidents occur in low or middle-income countries. With the summertime being present, people tend to swim more often and submersion or drowning happens more often in […]
July 10 2018 : Marijn Sinkeldam
Nonvenomous chicken snake (Spilotus pullatus) – For the Dutch version of this article, switch to Dutch mode in the right upper corner of this website – Snakebite The odds are small, but potentially lethal: a snakebite. Worldwide approximately 20.000 deaths occur per year due to venomous snakes. Recently I met Luis, a biologist in Mexico […]
May 8 2018
From the field : Myiasis
Christophe is happy to report the birth of \”Amazonia\”, a two cm long worm that growed in his leg after an expedition through the Amazone. Christophe: “During several days I had pain in my leg due to the worm. Extraction brought a lot of relief!” Myiasis is the present of fly larvae in the body […]
February 14 2018 : Pieter Simons
Off-piste? Only with the proper equipment!
‘To slide, soar and fly down a mountain on fresh deep snow, this is the dream of every skier and snowboarder. Unfortunately this goes accompanied with a certain risk, Mother Nature can be unpredictable and unforgiveable.’ ““ Max.  Max van Toledo started together with his mate Avital de Winter a company: Ski Like a Pro. […]
January 30 2018 : Pieter Simons
Stabbed by a stingray
An interesting case report is published in the latest Wilderness & Environmental Medicine. Suzuki et al describe a patient with missed traumatic pneumothorax due to penetrating neck injury that was presumably caused by a stingray while diving. The barb can result in significant injuries to deep structures and organs despite a deceptively small entrance wound. […]
WMS Practice Guideline: Snow burial accidents
You can find the new guidelines for prevention and management of avalanche and nonavalanche snow burial accidents in the latest edition of Wilderness & Environmental Medicine. Important recommendations on prevention, rescue and resuscitation are made. The authors state that avalanche avoidance should be the main method to mitigate risk of injury and death. If an avalanche incident […]
Improvised cricothyrotomy using hiking gear
Cricothyrotomy is an emergency procedure that is used to obtain an airway when other, more routine methods are ineffective or contraindicated. For most of us it is not part of our daily routine to perform a cricothyrotomy in the hospital, let alone in the outdoors. This case report describes an improvised cricothyrotomy performed with a pocket knife […]
Drug Use and Misuse in the Mountains
For many years, drugs have been used to enhance performance in mountaineering. The UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation – Union International des Associations d’Alpinisme) MedCom developed evidence-based guidelines for drug use and misuse in mountains. They conclude: “If using drugs not regulated by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), individuals have to determine their own […]