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AWLS Aruba '23
2023-11-24 to 2023-11-26

The Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS) course – now also called “Wilderness Life Support for the Medical Professional” – is aimed at medical professionals and specialized paramedics interested in medicine in the outdoor setting, at special locations, or under extreme conditions. During an intensive three-day course with much practical training, you will become acquainted with all facets of expedition and wilderness medicine. Such as tropical infectious diseases, the physiology of diving and altitude, how to deal with a snake or scorpion bite, extreme heat and cold, etc. Our alumni include outdoor athletes, military medical personnel, general practitioners, ER physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other specialists.

The AWLS is the international standard training course for doctors who work as an expedition doctor or as a physician in a “remote” location. Still, for many, it is to gain confidence to practice medicine in the outdoor setting – during personal adventurous travel.

This AWLS edition Aruba is mainly aimed at doctors, specialist nurses, and paramedics working in the Caribbean and will be taught in English.

The AWLS is a three-day course and costs 1200,- Euro.