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Pocket BVM
The body mass range for which the resuscitator is suitale for use >40 kg (88 lbs.)
Stroke volume one hand 800ml, two hands 1400 ml
Dead space <6 ml
Expiratory resistance 3.4 cm H2O
Inspiratory resistance -4.5 cm H2O
Delivered oxygen concentrations under various test conditions 55% (at 2 L/min) to 100% (at 8 L/min)
External dimensions of the resuscitator 217mm (length) x 121mm (diameter)
External dimensions of resuscitator in case 63mm (high) x 134mm (diameter)
Mass of the resuscitator, face mask and the resuscitator case Resuscitator 273 g
Case. 90 g, Mask 87 g, Total 450 g
Bag reservoir volume 2600 ml
Gas inlet tube connection 15mm length x 6mm O.D.
Patient connector Outside: 22 mm male (ANSI/ISO)
Inside: 15 mm female (ANSI/ISO)
Expiratory connector (for PEEP valve attachment) 30 mm male (ISO)
Recommended operating temperature 0°F to +122°F (-18°C to +50°C)